Lady Veronica Says you’re a FAGGOT

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    • 01/13/2012
    • 05:34 M
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    Category : GAY HUMILIATION
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    Lady Veronica Says you’re a FAGGOT

    In this point of view I call you a FAGGOT…. that’s right you are here because you have a secret to confess, that only you and I will know. That’s right you are a FAGGOT hiding in the closet.

    Well, today is your lucky day! I take that back…. if it were your lucky day I would have My strap-on and bend you over just to show you what a little fairy you are. I’d be ramming it up your ass being the little bitch that you are. I know that’s what you really want…. you want Me! you want to feel that strap-on of Mine going up your asshole as I make you into My little cock whore.

    Listen to Lady Veronica as She HUMILIATES you. In this POINT OF VIEW…. She is a true DOM and even makes the movements how She would FUCK you.

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    Lady Veronica Says you're a FAGGOT
    05:34 M $5.99
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